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3& this little oy... abducted in broad dayyiggt.whereehe was &plast seen ... and the kinndof car you need to bb on the 3 3
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3 and.. a ban.. on restaurant's reasoning ... forr kicking out certain customerss tuesday, july 12th 3 3 - ity summer 3 schooos closed- due tt hhat ,3 3
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3 3 map
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3 fiber map 3 p tooay markssthe 6th code red day of theeyear in baltimore ... and it comes on he heels of two heat related deaths. joel d. smith is live at carrool park to eeplain why we ssouldd e watching much more thannjjst the temperature today. ood morning joel d. 33 gooodmorring 3 patrice, ad lib) code red issa designation by the - city that cooliig centersswill 3 anothhr code to think about too... the air quality indee is a term we're getting used -3 to hearing, but really what is & today is forecast to beecode orange. -&
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3 3- 3 news. fox 45 orning news. -3 ,3
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3-3& 3 news. fox 45 mornnng park, joel d..smith, fox 45 morring news. 3 an amber alert is issued for a missinngchild in southhest - baatimooe.police are lookkng por 8--ear old darricc chhrles
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brown junior.megan gilliland & is live along gwynn avenue, where the litttbe boy was seen & being abducted. pbducted.good morning patrice -3& take a good ook 3 at this picture here. 3 phis is darrick chalres brown
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3 9-1-1 tapes... from the ight two teens were pttuck by a it aad run driver... give a glimpse of night. 17 ear-old emerald smith... and 16 year-old courtney angeles died while croosing m-l-k bbulevarr. dispatchers wwrreoriggnally -told it coull be a shooting... not a hit and run. -3&p once police did know it was an acciientt... and in -3offcar .. and the direction it was heading ... 3 7:37 foxtrot (check 2 words) bb adviseddwe have reports of a possible black honda ccord or black jeep with heavy front end ddmagg. ooe minntt it waa supposed too be headinn towardss399. one minute it wassseee going ddon the blvd. 3&p it's been nearll a month since thissdouble fatal.. and arrested.
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it's been almost a weeeksince 3 guiity in hee toddler &ppaughter's ddath. pdeath.but the shock hasn't worn off for many peoppe in flooking to the ite... wwere paylee'ssbody was found ack 3 are eaviig teddy bears and signs... to pay their respects &pto the little girl.annhony was charges of lyiiggto police. she's set toobe rrleased on &&psunday. 3&pa pennsylvania ressaurant is cashing innon an idea... that invooves leaaing llttle kids at home. 3 the owwerr f mcdaii'' restaurant and golf center is -3 banning childden under six mmke vuiik says the kids disturb other customers. parents of noisy and unruly -3children are impolite and - selfiss tt others. he said there's nothinn rong -3 with babies and toddlers, but you can't control their volume. & customers with small
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new ules.... but some peeple & don't think it'sssuch a bad idee. -3 3 ((smith ssys, "find a place whereeyour kids are goonn to time."))((masik says, "i do believe thaa ppople hhve preferences anddif they wwatt to ban kids from a restauuaat & i don't think they shouuddbe 3conddmned.)) cooddmned.)) the ban 3 3 that brinns us to our question of the day:what do yoo thinkk of a ban on young kids in restaurants?we'll be takingg - hoor. you can also g tto fox-baltimore dot ccm and tell ps what yyu think... oo sound offfthrough facebook. 3 ssnd us a tweet.. at ffxbbltimore. coming upp.. 3 actressshalle berry is n high alert... after a man jumped herrfence twicc ver he weekenddwhat police are using... to track him down.
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rule the tweet. rule the upload. rule the status update. rule the moment. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon
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3 & - a codeered heaa day 3 p emily gracey at the inner harboo- are people excercissng heat?
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3 &pmap fiber map
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3 wilkens map 795 map 3 3 coming p... roteeting your chill... from identityytheft. theftt"really ttink abbut, what is this going to be used foo, why am i beinngasked for this innormaaion...""- iiformation..."why signing your kids up for sports &pteamss.. could be potentially
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dangerous. 3 buu next... some scary momentt for halle berry... after a man jumped hee home's fence. what -3 the suspect down. youure watchinn fox 45 morning newss. all local.. all morning.
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3 3 new this orning... the hall-brrther oo afghan -3 president hamid karzai... has -3 been killed.ahmad waai karzai wws shot doww eerly this morning... in southern afghanistan.karzai... who waa - head f the kandahar --3 provincial council... had been faciig criticism by's &pstill unclear who killed hhm. 3 wikileaks editor-in-chief &pjuliaa assange... begins his appeal heaainggtoday.assange 3 questionnng on sex charges. 3 accusations....sayiig they are an attempt to smear hii. the case is not related toohis
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3 the court date for the former head of the interrationnl monetaay fund... has been -3 posttoned until august.prosecutors are stiil trying 3& the sexual assault charges pgainst dominique strruss- the case.strauss-kahn is accusee of trying to rape a maid... who was cleaning hhs new york hooel room..ut since &pthen... the housekeeper's predibility has been in 3 actress halle berrryand &pher taff are on high alert... - after aamannjumped the fence of her los angeles home twice -3 over thh weekend.both timms... & police were called... but no one has been arrested.policee are hooing video frrm surveillance camerasswill help &pthem denttfy the intruddr. coming up... 33 with so many mustardd on the maaket... how o ou choose & just one??onsummr reports weighs in... oo the best-tasting brands. 3 sseal your child's identity. hhw you cannensure theyyhave a &psafe finnncial uture. you'ree watching fox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all morning.. & 3 ((break 3))
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,3 ((bump in)) & 3 have you ssen this boy?ppliie aae looking for an 8 year oll boy.... who was snatched off &ptheestreet... and shoved nto & the trunk of a car n southwest amber &paleet has been issued for 3 3 a light grren ford taurus... simiiar o this one... witt
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tto men inside... topped near & the kids.if you have any info.. .please call police. &&p3 children's sooial security records that go itt them have become a new targgt for scammers. s karin caifa explains... the federal trade commissionnhas taken notiie... ways toohelp keep children's financial fftures saae. & safe. 3 p you know to keepp yur oww &ppersonal data safe, like yoor social seeurity number, ad your date of birth. buu what - about your child?it's a toopi and other consumee roups are tackling. cammers can steal pits and piecee of a child's -33identity to reate syntheticc i-d's, takingga social security number without anyy&&pcredittrecords, nd attaching 3 can be more 3 detecc, and justtas detrimental o a child's financial future ss be on ttee &plookout foo the biggest
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warning signs. any mail that should be adult oriented maii, &phone calls, people looking for your child to make solicitations or pootntially to even to collect debts.when signing your kids up for sports, dance ccasses or other activiiies, think twice about giving a social security number -- it's offen nottevvn - necessary. rrelly think - about, wwat issthissgoing to -3 be see for, why am i being asked for this inforration, how issit going to be protected and be sure that you peel comfortable ith the answers.and hred medical your child's personal data, & just llke your own.for -3 consummr watcc, i'm karii 3 comiiggup... & 3&pwe go inside the mind... of casey anthonn.what she plans -3 to reveal about herself... in - 3 (((egan live tease))you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig.
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3 3&p((break 4))
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3 phhlliis.nee informatiin o 3 p3 -harbor &3 --city summer
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sccools closed- due toohhat & 3
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3 3
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3 3 the search is on this morning for an 88year old boy who was snatched off the streett.. ann in soothhest amber alerr has been issued for darrick charles brown juniorr 33&palong gwynn avenue, where the little boy was last seen. seen.good orring patrrcetake aagood look at this pictuue - prrwn junior.he was laat seen around 6:30 last night... right the 300 block of gwyyn avenne...
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3 &p 3
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3 grab that watee, 3&pand watch the temperature climm. it is another dangerouuly hot day,... and in theeciit, ooling centers pwo heat relaatd deaths just &pannounced, city officials wantt you to take alerts seriouuly. 3 d. smith is livv at carroll park to explain why health officials say today's danger goes beyynd just the tteperature. good mmrning jool d. & 3 good morning patrice, (ad lib) &good morning pattice, (ad lib)
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3 yyu watthed her story unfold &pon televiiion...and sson... &pyou'll be able to read all 3 new booo. &ppook.aacording to the new york times... sainttmartin's presss has cquured the rights to a book about the florida mom... who was acquitted llst week in hhr toddlers aughter'' deatt. it will be penned by forennic psycciatrist keith ablow.the anthony's psychological ddvelopmenttand her familyy rooe in her daaghter's death. -3 it's tttlee "inside the mind of casee anthonyy... anddis exppcted to hit storrs later this ear. two new york men are in & jail... ccused of trying to &psteal valuabbe historical &pdoccments froo a maryland museum... orth millionn oo dollars. dolllrs..o saturday... policee arrested jason savedoff and parry landauuat the maryland historical society in downtoww baltimore..te two were observed n theelibrary by
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staff... tryinggtoosseal documents. at one oint... savedoff looked imseef in a bathroomm.. claiming hii stomach hurt.when policc -3 seerrhed a locker he was -3 using... that's wwen they found about 60 documeets... some of them siined by presiddnt incoln. 3 "these situations yoou aaways learn a lot, and you find out how valuable your colleccion is, a real treasure - for the state f maryland" paryland"the f-b-i is ánottá saying how the two know each othee... but we o know barry landdu is annauthor... wwh apparently has aa extensive collection of presidential artifacts. 3 coming up... 3 it can make r break a meal... coosumee eports reveals thee pest... and worstt.. mustards on tte markett 3
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3 (toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lii meteooologist))
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&p33 map fiier
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3 map liberty ap 799 3 3 &
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3 coming up... have ou seen this boy?the search is... foo missing 8 year-old darrick chaales brown &juuior.what information police - have... about his disappearancee aad a fuueral service....for a texas rangers fan... who fell to his death... catching a poul ball. howwthe team is steppinn up to he plate... in his'rr watching local.. all morning. 3 ((break 6))
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,3 3 3 new this morningg.. have you seen this boy?pooice are
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boy.... who wwa snatched off &ptheestreet... and shoved into theetrunk f a aa in -southwest ambee alert has been issued for pdrrick chhrles brown jjnior. & police bblieve a lighttgreen ford taaurss.. similar to thiss one... wiih twoomen inside... stopped near the group of kids.if you have any info... please call police. 3 a memoriil ssrvice is being -3& held today in callfornia... forrforrerrfirst lady bettt clintonn. and nancy reagan arr & mmng thoss expected to attend. ford died last eek... at the pge of 99-year. 3 the firefiggter who fell to his death at texas rangers & friends and ffmily athered outside a texas church monday... to remember 39-yyar thhrsday... after falllng about 200feet from thh stands... while leaning over toocatch a souvenir all.the texaa rangers set up an account... accepting donations pn stone's honor to help his -33& family... and thh eam has -&&pgiven monee as well.
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nasa's final space missioo has been extended.the crew on boarddthe space huttle atlantis will staa in space one day longer than they originally antiiipated.tte 3 on thursday... jjly 21st.the additionaa day will allow the & cree toounpack more items and --3 move them to the international & 3 itts not just the temperature that has eople ii rristerrtown áhhtááthese dayss they're upset over a water tower ballimooe county - rrsidential neighborhood. p people who livv ear bonddand timbergrove in the sagamorr forest area say it will be an eyesore and will - bring down the value of their homes. theyyre also &pupset ... the county wws happening. the project. ayannn & ooke-chen i part of hat and shhejoins ussthis morning. -what do you knoo abbut the - proposed watee tower-what is
6:51 am
the water ttwer-what would you like to ee done-has the -
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3 ccming up... 3 planning a arbecue? we've got - mustards... for your grilling needs. 3&pand a bannon kids... in -3& restaurants.where it's happeniig... and what residents think about the idea. you're wattchng fox 45 mmrning morningg ((break 7)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 it's barbecue season... and tiie to fire up thh grill.butt burgers orrhot dogs... can today's consumer reeorts... we sizeeup some big-namm find which come 3 out on top. top. 3 (natsoo: music)(vvooif hot &pdogs epitomize slice of - american life -- then you & could ssy mustard ads the - ssiceeto life. 3 ((atsot: music)(v/o)buu choosing a mustard can bb a bit ccmpliccted. consumer reports put 11 mustards to the test -- five yellows and six dijjns -- to find out & which, well, really can cut tte muuttrd.without knowing phich one they were tryinn, sensory panelists sampled mustards sevvral times, evaluating them for texture and flavor. (sot: amy keating) "weefound you on't nnee to spend a lot forra goodd &pmustard.""v/o)in fact, tte -3& mmsttexpenssve mustard testedd & aanie's aturals organic yellow - whicc cost eight some of the others - tasted
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good, bt it was the powest-rated yellowwmustard. gulden's yellow was top rated, forra fraction of the pricc. &pits texture is somewhat coarsee &panddits flavors are more amy keatingconnumer reports ((ot)"it's tastier than your hints of caraway anddddlll picklee"(v/o)another verr ggod, inexpeesive yeelow mustard - french's classicc 3 flavor,,and a hint of ayenne pepper. but if dijon is more your taste, try gree pouppnn &pit's flaaorful anddpungent - & for it. for about a third of the prrce, walmart's greatt vvlue all naturaa ddjon aaso ratee err good in consumer -3 peports' tests. (v/o)any f these are suue to be a crowd ppeaser. this is james & andrees. 3 commng up in our 77o'clockk hour... 3&pnext time you dine out... youu - mighh have t leaveethe kids &behind.where thhrees a ban in effect... and what resideets - think of the idda. 3 ((megan livve
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3 phhlliis.nee informatiin o switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ,33 3 have you seen this boyy boy?he was snntched oof the
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street in ssuthwest baltimore. the kind oo car.. you need to be on the ook out for this mooning..- 3 a hhzy look at the 3 city skylinee....that haze means it's a ode orange air qualitt ay.just hhw daageeous it ii to be outside today. 3 3 & 3 3 and... shh's bringinn all living 3 currenn and foommr first ladies together.. weetake you live to the site.. of the -3 bbtty food. 3 3 today s tuessay jly 12th..- 3 - city summee schools closed-- due o heat
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3 & 3 3 3 map fibee map
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3 -3 3 a hiid s snntched right off -3 theestreet and shoved nto the trunk of a ccr in broad ddyliggt.ttere is now annammer alertt or 8-year old darrick - still missinggfrom southwwst ballimore this morninggmegan gilliilnd is alonn wynnn avenue, where the liittl boy pas llst seen. &ppeen. 3 &pagain, an amber allrt has been issued.patrice back to yyo. 3 -33
7:04 am
3 3 9-1-1 tapes... from the niggt two eens were struck by a hht and run driver... give a glimppe oof &whhttreelly happened that night.. 17 yeer-old emerald -3 smith... and 16 year-old courtney angeles dieddwhile
7:05 am
dispatchers ere originally toll it coull be a shootiig... -3& not a hit and run. once olice ddd nowwit wass an acciddnt .. in alll the confusion ...the type of uucller. 7:37 foxtrot (check 2 - words) be advvsed we have repoott of a possible black honda accorddoo llck jeep with heavy front end damaag.. &pone minute it was supposed to be heading towwrds 395. one minute it was seen goong down -3 the lvd. 3 it's been eerry a month pince thissdouble aaal.. ann so far... no one has been arrested. 3 owners oo thh majestic auto 3 towing canddl... plead guiltt -3 tt the charres.tte ownerr are aaccsed of givvng police dozen ciiy police officerr are plso charged wiihhtaking part in the scam exchanne 3 3 prices at he pumps are creeping bacc up... &p3 accorriig to triple-a... tte cost for a regular gallon of peven-cents ovee the past week.
7:06 am
phh natiooal average now sits at 3-dollars andd64-cents a gallon.that'ssabout the same ps what drivvrs are paying here in maryland. drivers say go p agaan. 3p"the prices, don't like em, but we're going to lve with them""too high i can't fford it, i have a child and hee requires a lot oofthings and 33&p our pumm patrol can telll youuwherreto find tte best gas & pargainn in the ballimoreearea.-3&p juss go to fox baltimore-dot- comm.. and click on hot toppcss 3 rapper jay-z is coming out o retirement.. again!!e sayss -3 he's working on a nnw ooo album.he on't say exactly with felllw rapper kanye west is expected ttobe released later his summer.ii's called " watch the thrrne."jay-z had pabig rettrement ash in 2003....only to drop an albuu a fewwyears ater.
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coming upp.. 3 new rules go into effect when pt comes to your reeit cores. phe new guidelliee banks have to follow.. when you're 3 you're watching fox 45 morning newss. all local.. all mmrniig. -33 3 ((break 1)))- 3
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&p- a cooe red heat day- emily pracey attthe innnr harbor 3 - re people excercising in phhs heatt?- heat?
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3 3 -33
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3 map fiber map libbrty
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3 map 7955map
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p3 still aheed.. 3 thhssboy... needs to be fouud. hh was abductee in bboad daylight in soothwest everyyhhur counts.the car you & for. you're watching -3& fox 45
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3 newwthis morninggamily... -3 ffiends... and those who just admired hr work will say poodbye to former first lady in er ome state of ichigan. 3 3 sandra eedo oiis usslive from palm desert califfrnna .... with mooe.sannra?
7:18 am
7:19 am
3 1) hat's herrlegacy?2) hhw do people describe her?
7:20 am
- police lokoing 3 ffr 22 year old raheem taylor an amber alert is ,3 issued for a missing boy out of southwest baltimore. 3&p pooice are lloking for eight year old darrick charles brown who was last seen alongg -& gwynn avenne about 6:30.. lass night. invessigators says darrick was thhown ii the trunk of latt model ford -3 paurus llke his ne which sped away.policeesay there appeared to be two occupants &pof the ar.if yoo have any informmtion police want you to call 410-396-2100
7:21 am
3 starting next week... new rules go into effect... & requiiinn banks and creditors to tell you your score... if thhy rejecttyoor credit card or loan application..hhy'll also havv tooexplain other factors considered in their -3 decisson.the new rules also apply to people given loans or credit cards... but with less than favorable terms. the court date for the former -3 heed of the internationall monetary fund... has been postponed unnil aagust..- prooecutors are still tryingg to determine if they will drop the sexuul assault charges & agaanst dominique strauss-3&pthe case.strruss-kahn is accused of tryyng to rape a new york hhttl room.but ince phen... the housekeeper's question. & 3 still to comm.. -3 3the investigation contiiuue iito what caused a fire at a catonsville hotel.but he talliedd. nd it's in the millions! millions!anddllter...yyu can'tt
7:22 am
&ppring kids iito this restuarant!finddout where this áharshá rules is enffrced!! newss. all local.. all morning.. 3 ((br
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3 ((bbeak 3))((break 3)) 3coming p.. 3 a suspect has been idennified & in the diippearance of a younn boy.ittssttii an...find out who he is.. and thh car authorties are looking ffr. por. 3 your'e taking a live looo of 3 heat is ppressive... find out
7:29 am
&pjust hoo high the mercury will rise. you'rr watchingg fox 45 morning news.. all &plocal.. all morning. 3 ((ad lib horoscopes)) -3 3 ((break 4)) 3 phhlliis.nee informatiin o
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3 3 - city suumer schoolssccosed-- pue to heat 3 33& - due tt heatschools closee- citt summer schools closed- -3&
7:32 am
7:33 am
3 map fiber map 3 &p3 3 3 3 raa that water,
7:34 am
crann up the air condittoning, -3 and watch the temperature dangerously hot ay,... anddin will be open. with &ptwo heat related deatts just pnnnuuced, ccty officials want you to ttke alerts serrously. and jel d..smith is llve at carroll park to explain why heaath officials say today's danger ttmperature. good morniig joel d. -3 3& good morning patrice, (ad lib) good morning pattice, ad lib) p cooe red ii a designation by the 3 city ttat coolinggcennersswill be open toddy, but there's &ptooo.. the air qualitt index is term we're getting used 3 it? yysterday was a code red dayy &ptoday is forecast to be code oranne. most of us, just -3 know itts hot riiht? & right? ttat's -3&whyywe seek out things like water or snowbaals. -3 but there is ore to it thaa just eat and humidity. the air quality index eassres hese poolutants areealreadyyin the -3 airr bbuttheir combinaaion with heat cceetes a cheeical reectioo that rrleases the tooins into our bbeaahabll air. that ii why for many &pppoole, these hot days are 3 uncomfortable... they really pre oiionous, aad dangerous. so contrrllthe amount of time you are outside today, & nd remember he basics..- p3 33 cooling ccnters theyyshould remeeber to use lots of water, taae several breaks, stay in the shade wheneeer possible and most importaatly stay in & touch with their neighbors,
7:35 am
especiilly those who are elderly or have chronicc &&p3 3 -3 33 live at ccrroll park, joel d. smith,,fox 45 morning news..
7:36 am
- 3- 3 3 we are following breaking news... we ave ust gotten a pictureeof a man wanted or &pquestiooing in thh abbuction oo a little boo frommsouthwwst 3 taylor.- don't know relation reelaaee his picture. darrick charles broww was
7:37 am
& taken from wynn avenueearound 6:300last night..- niggt. investigators says & ddarrck was thrown iinthe 3 trunk of aagreen ford taurus like this one wwiic sped awaa police say there appeered to pe twoooccupantssoffthe car.if information police want ou to damage ii estimated to e thhee and a half million dollars for a catonsvilll hotel... after a fire ripped through it over the eekend. &pthe four alarm fire at e "days inn" sttrted ii a -3 floor.the flames forced 120 - guests out offtheebbilding. " some people..... ruu down" & down""3 two people were hospitalized
7:38 am
3 firefirrhter as treated at phe scene for minor injuries. 3 no smokinn in all howard - county parks.. that's the 3& doesn't include opennspace andd parks owned by the columbia associaaion.the an willlakee effect tomorrow and it's goal is to make howarddcountt 3 a pennsyllaaia reetaurant is cashing in on n idea... that involves leaaing little kids at home. the owner of mcdainns restaurant and golf center is banning children -3 under six years of age from eatiig ttere. mike vuick says thh kids disturb other 3 po ssyypprents oo noisy nd unruly children are impolite and selfish to others. you can't control tteir volume. ustooers with small
7:39 am
new rules.... but ome people don't think it's such a bad pdea.-3 3 ((smith says, "find a place where your kids are going to &pbe happy and have a good time."))((masik says, "i do believe that people have preferencee and if they ant - to ban kids from a estauraat - i don't thhnk they shouud be condeennd.)) pondemmed.)) the ban goes into effect saturdayy phat brings us to our question of thh day:whaa do youuthink of a ban on younn ids in -3 restturants?ww'll e takiig -3 your calls now.. the number o pall 10 - 481- 4545. 3 you cannalso go tt -3 us what you think... or sound oof thrrugh facebook. send us a tweet.. t oxballimore. 33 still to omm.. get healthy ddal... on aadetox! detox! you're
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save.
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7:42 am
3 - a code reddheat dayy emily ggacey at he inner harbor- are people excercising in thhs heat? 3 ((toss tt weatherr) -3& 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
- 3 meteorologistt)((aa lib meteorologist)) 3 -3 3 map 795 map liberty &
7:47 am
3 3 it's ouurmooideal 3week.. we'll bring you a deal ffom obideelss.. which providds coupons directll to pour cell phone! phone! thiss week's deal comes from "it's pbout health."get hall off an ion cleanse detox. jjst go to startedd. or look oo mobideals on your smartthhne. smartpphne. parent company.. sinnlair broadcast group. 3 coming up.. 33 leave thhekids a ome!that's -3 the newwmandateefrom a goal is tt allow diners to eat peaae!that brings us to oor &pquestion of he daa.whaa do you thhik offa ban onnyoung -3&pkids iinrestaurants?our phone lines arr open now.. 410- patching foo 45 morninggnews.. 3&p3 ((break 6)) 3 ((question of day an
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
3 mcdains n pennsylvania wanns yoouto leaveeyour kids at home... f they'reeundee six! that'ssa new rule at the - restaurant.some say it's a & ggeat idea.. while oohers believe it's borderline cruel. cruel.that brings us o our question of the day.what do you think of a ban on young kids in restaurants?our hone liies are pee noo...410- 481-4545. p3 apriie- bmore 3 lindaa aberreen abeedeen
7:51 am
aggeeethat children should be where they eat. unfootuuntely, there areeso manyythaa don't so this ownerrhas the right to refuse servvce. -3 service.leonard says i haae no & pusiness and he can run t howevvr he sees fit..i have 33 kids aad i'm not offendeddat all.. 3 ericka says it's a riddcclooss ideaa.hoppfully he's out of
7:52 am
aree't the only onessguilty oo - miibehaaing... rude and rowdy - crawl..they are old enough to pnow better !! 3 3 coming up in oou 8 3&pwe're telling you all about the all ssar baseball game cominggup tonight right here on you'll get a 3& dold hhs the ddtails.. next. yoo're watchhng foxx45 morning news.. ll local.. all moorinn. ((break 7)) & 3 ((bu
7:53 am
7:54 am
3 "ii's a greatthonor, it's something you've beenndreaaiig about since you were a kid. i don't think you'll eeer innision hoo it will happen -3 but ittmakes you very proud and veryyexcited at all the -33 work yyu put in in the past 3 that ii matt weiters...the baltimooe orioless representattve n theemmjor league baseball alllstar game.
7:55 am
he wwll be at the big event in arizona ttnnght. tonight.a lot of celebrities will be there as well.the special preeiew of the upcoming fox shoo "the x factor".candace as all thee what willlwe see? pandace-this is theeworld premiere preview.-makes &psense-a ot of anttcipation- just wrapped up audittonn...there'' 3 a lot to reveal.a lot to 3 americas ffvorite pastime.. 3&pabout america's editioo of & pthe x-factor." 3 yes nd simon
7:56 am
3 cowell will bb judging us at 3&pactuallyythe first conessants -3 give t away bbt i will jjst say we dont fair very well - 3 p factor chat-judges p5 million dollar 3 chaa. ,3 candace-american idol allm are in aaizona for the game. &pgamm. former american 3game. are in candace-american chat..- 3ccat.candace-aaerican idol alum are in arizona for the game. gamee 3game. -3 game.arizona for the iddl aluu areein candace-americaa
7:57 am
3& idol alum are in arizona for tte game. game. 3 former americcn idol jordin sparks ttok parr in te "all 3she will bb siiging the -3 game. 3 ((((wo shot)))chat.-ggammy awarddwinner michelle branch will perform ""gd bless & ameeicaa during the 7th iining stretch.. radd ptt will narrate a sppccal pregameeoppn &pthat pass and present 3&p you can sse all of tte american leagge league battle pt out ffr home field league & battle it and national -3 american league while the tte - the entertaanment you cn ee all of you cannsee alllof the - enterttinment wwhle the the american league and nnttonal leaaue battle ittout for ome fielldadvantage in the worldd seriess..tonight at 8... only on fox will ir immediately after the game. 3 coming up in our 8 o'clockk
7:58 am
- hour.. 3 we're eepinggyou up to date - on the code red heat day!find out just how high the mercury will riie.. 3 and... have you seen this man? police want him or - questioninn innthe abduction &pof a littleeboy.the latest on morning news.. all loccll. all morningg. 3 ((breaa 8)) [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®.
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8:00 am
33 3 33 have you seen this man?police of a man wanted n connection -3 witt the abduction... 3 3& ... of this boy.where he was kidnapped and the other key & piece of vidence ou neee too be on tte llokout for hiss moonnng. 3
8:01 am
3 and looo at that hazy heat. it's a code oraage air quality day.just how danggroos it is to bb outside today. 3 tuesday, july 12th 3 33 - city summer schools closed- due to heat 3 3
8:02 am
3 piber mmp
8:03 am
3 grab hat water, crann up he air conditioning, &pand watch the temperaturee climb. it is another dangerruuly hot day,... aad in the city, cooling centers - will be open.. wiih two heat rellttd deaths juut announcee, city officiallswant
8:04 am
youuto ake lertt seriously. & and joel d. smith isslive at carroll officials say oddy's danner temperature. -& gooo morring joel d. 3 good morning patrice, (add llb)good morning patricc, (ad lib) code red is a 3 designation by tte ccty ttat cooling open today, but
8:05 am
8:06 am
33 3 3 we are following breaking & news... missinggchild has been found innmissinn house.alivv and uuharmed... mediis are policeewere lookinn for... 21 year olddraheem taylor. just releassd hhs picture. picture.littte 8 yeer old & darrick charles brown wass &ptaken arrick chaales littte 8 3 picture.released his police pon't know taylor.21 year old raheem lloking for... a maa &ppolice weee this is a picture of are treating him. him.unharmed... mmdics alive and unharmed... medics aree & treaaing him. him.thiis s a pcture of a man pplice weee lookinn for... 21 year old raheemm tyllr.- don't know relatioo to boypolice 3 picture.little 88year old brown was taken from gwynn avenue aaound 6:30
8:07 am
& aa aaning for parentsstaking their ids to water parks thisssummer. & ssmmer. new surveyy -&pfinns more than ten-thousand people get sick each year... -pfrom infections pickee up at waterrppaks..he study was -33& conducced by the univeesiityof miihigan children's hospital. doctors say takkng a shower ábeforeá plashing around in water amuuements... is one off the beet ways to reduce &pinfection. -3 3& prices attthe pumps arr 3 3 pccording to triple-a... the gas as gone up aboutt seeen-cents over theepast week. the national aaerage nnw its -&pat 3-dollars and 644ceets - gallon.that's bout the same as what drrvees are paying here in maayland. drivers say go up again. 3 but we're goiig to live withh them""too high i can'ttafford
8:08 am
& it, have a child nd he requires a lot of thiigs nd it's ridiculous" 3 yoo whhre to find theebest gas baagainn ii the baltimore area..- pjusttgo to fox baltimore-dott com....and ccick on hht topics. -3 p3 coming up... we're helling you get fit with fox. ffx.a fitness pro is ttking your 410-481-4545 for free personalized fitness dvice. 3 you're waaching 3& fox 45 morning news.. all - local.. all morning. 3&p((bump out)) 3 ((break 1)))-
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
3 gracey at the inner harbor- & are people excerciiing innthiisheat? p3 ((toss to weather))
8:12 am
8:13 am
3 3
8:14 am
8:15 am
3 ccming up... 3 a missing boy... is fouud - alive.he was abducceedin broad daallght in ssuthwest missing.. where he was found.. &pand the suupect police have in - custody.what innormaaiin police have... about hiss & disappeaaaace. 3 put next... we'ree
8:16 am
elping yyu ggt fit with fox.a fitness proo is takiig your quussions.. call 410-441-4545 forrfree personalized fiiness advice. &p ouurr watthing fox pll morning. &p3 ((brrakk2)) ((bump in)) -3
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8:18 am
,3 feellthe urn! ,3 ssep up the intensity of yoor - workout...and see big results. danny lee from gold's gym is here with thii morning's get fit with fox.--lowwr body
8:19 am
3 workout too urn
8:20 am
fabook:-tychelle asks.. how po i work on getting my highs toned?-ccmm asks... whht is 3toned? 3i work on -tyyhelle asks.. facebooo:-tychelle asks...hhw do i work on getting my thighs asks....wwat is bbtter for cardio: ruuning oo biking? pccm. asks... what isstoned? tonee?-c.m. asks... whaa is better for cardio: runniig or biking?& -c.m. asks... what is
8:21 am
,3 asks... what is betttr for cardio: rrnniig or biking? biking?ayinde asks:running or biking? -c.m. asks... whht is better for cardii: running r biking? biking?ayinde asks: "hoo do i backside larger?""- llrger?" &
8:22 am
3& tayed tuned...danny wll be back uring good day baltimoree to how us more lowwr body taking your questions about your workouts.send them to us on witter or facebook. coming up... 3 it's a code red heet daa out thhre ttday... how tte air quality... could eeaffeeting your health. and thh seerch forra missing boyy.. comee to aa end.where 8 brown... was're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig. 3 ((break 3)) 3 ((bump in))
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
a country star is 3 facing ail time... a pop staa -3 tops the ccarts...and one celebrity is actually hiiingg promm he paprazzi...'s ttbloid 3 more. 3 jeeniffr anisson says iffherr up was a llitle too was imitating life. she admits -3 that he fflmm. whhch camm pust 1 yr aftee her dramatic breakup ith huuband rad pitt -3 was actuaaly a way for her too - pleanse... sheesaid he personal connection mmde it easier to tappinto thh character... she laughed it off... sayinn... she was abll to plaa it so well b//csse as slightty familiar with thh 3 tom cruise... started off as puite the odd ouple
8:26 am
uu you have to admit ttey'vve blossomeddiito a dynamic ddoo.. katie hrew a surprise party or tom lass week in -3 miammi.. suuces say she 3phrself anddwas really prood to do it for hhr hubby's 49th birthddy..his threeekids were & thhre aloogg wth some in floriddafilminn... thh movie rock offages... victoria bbckham says he lreadd as her hadns full with a husband can;t wait unntl the arrival of her fourht child... a baby ggrl!she's due to ive birth thhs week.. but sse'sshhding her baby bump from the 3 cant wait to dress her daughter like a ggrly ggrl... she's eady tt debut her spring 2012 dress linn as inspiration. she sums up her life right with wo words.. ii -3 blessee. willie nnlson may above with his legal woes... the country starrwas busted with marijuana on is tour bus -3& last year. he struck deal with pposecutors... it
8:27 am
included a 00 fine and no jail time... but the judge in pexas rejjcced it!!!she siddtte prosecctorrwas giving the - and is rrssing forr 3 willie's camp on this onn.. and a lot of ppople said hee nayssyers wrong... her fourth studii abum "4" hit store billboarr lists... so weeguess thoss crittcs were wrong.. she &pis still kiig bee... whhch 3 faahion fauxxpas... the "queee - of hip hop soul" mary j blige... she woreethisscutout bbndaadddress on he rrd &pcarpet and we seriously had to 3 mary j bbige.. or ddeam of flatteeing.... but stiillnot a
8:28 am
coming up... 3&pthis mmssing 8 yeaa ld boy.. is found alive. &palive.where police found him ... anddhow many suspects police have in custody. 3 you''e atchhng fox 45 morning - news.. ll llcal.. all & morning. 3 ((breek 4)) p3((open)))-&p
8:29 am
3 phhlliis.nee informatiin o
8:30 am
3 -ssuttwest 33 baltiiore-sun itting down -3 p3 3& - city summerrsshools cllsed- pue to heaa 3
8:31 am
3 3 3
8:32 am
3 ffberrmap &p-3 p3 3&pwe are followiig breeking -3 news...just minutes ago.. we llarned.. that police havee & pld darrrck charles brown. & vacant home on lyndhuust &pavenue in baltimore city at
8:33 am
p::0 this morningghe is alive ann is being cheeked out byy medicss. but appears to be unnarmee. uuharmed..olice do ave one suspect in custody.earlier police wwre lookiig for this man... 21 year old aheem 3is tte man they have in custodyyor not. not. nnestigatoos says -3&pdarrick as thrown in the like this around 6:30 laas night... in front of a group of his frienns.police say theee aapeared o be two 3 3- 3& it is another dangerously hot day,... in the &city, cooling ceeters will be 3 hhaa related deaths just announced, city officcals want youuto take aaerts offfcials seriously. --3 nd joel d. smith s live 3 pealth officials ssy today's danger goes eyond justtthee temperature. -3 good morning joel d. good morning patrice,, ad ib)
8:34 am
3 gooddmorninn paarice, (aa ib)) cooe red issaa designation bb the ity that cooling centtrs will be open -3& today, but
8:35 am
33 hats ff tooall thh artists involved in artsccpe.ameeica's largeet free arts ffsttval is decorating the town this we're giving you a preview of the festivities..his mornnng, mollyyross and annie hooe from nana projects join us.--family hat making ,
8:36 am
3 workshopps-can you 3 demoostrateehow toomake a
8:37 am
-3 paper plate hat??-can we seee nanadu? a panooama of parades - at artscapp... artscape... & 3 for ore information onn artscape,,log on to fox morning. coming upp.. 3 grannpa has a ddtt for that early birr dinner. find out why more eniors are turning to the internnt orrlove. p3 and... it's ot what ou'' we take youuinsiie a grand ppix race car.. coming uu..- 3you're watchinggfox 44 morning news.. all local.. alll -3 pooning.. 33
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
3 - a code red heat 3 day- emilyygracey at the inner harbor- are people excercisinn in this heat? heat?
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
3 ((toss tt weathhr)) 3 ((ad lib mmteorolooist)) 3
8:44 am
3 &
8:45 am
3 map fiebrrmaop 3 big -3mmoma.. is back! pack! marttnn &pin "biigmomma's house.. like father, likeeson". &p 20th century fox seet uu dvd's to give away. 3 p yyu can win one now if at 410-481-45455 3 poming up... 3 think online dating is tough? pou're not alone.why sennor citizens are thh ones hhving - the most luck. -3
8:46 am
3 you're watching fox 5 morning - nees.. all local.. all & ((break 6))
8:47 am
8:48 am
33((bump in)))-&p3 baltimmre issheading full throttle iito grand ppix preparations.but if indy cars aren'ttexaccty your speee... maybe the americaa le mans series will rev your engine. maayyand nattie and professsonal race car ddiver marr bunning will be raainn in the serres...marc and his business partner, kieffer rrtttnhouse, re giving bacc through racing.--you created "team baltimorr racing" to bring local busineeses -3 togetherrthrrugh introduce them to marketiig and 3 peam ---hii ii the onny team of its kknd in opportunity to the grand prix raceeacing will - be racinggin the le mans seeies race durinn he grand prix race wwekend--thh mission of the
8:49 am
8:50 am
& ominn up... -
8:51 am
,3 p mmrine's despeeate plea... to take actrrss mila kunis.... poothe marineecorps ball.thh creative way... he reached out &pto hee. 3 but nnxx... it's thh fastest-grooing group off 3citizzns are turninggto he internet for'ree watching fox 45 mooning news.. 3 ((break 7))
8:52 am
8:53 am
are sitting on the back porch and i start hearing this really strange sound. the tornado was coming up the driveway." driveway."chances are if you've lived through one tornado, "the first thing i see is a tree flying over my head. one is more than enough. trees coming down the driveway and just shooting them down the driveway like missiles."how this couple has prepared themselves..."it is such peace of mind."3 ((bump in)) 3 -live look frrm space
8:54 am
-laat ssacewalk of space-live look from spacc-last pacewalk offshuttle era-space shuttle atlantiss-asa haa 3& announced he -nasa has 3 pnnnunced the ccew onnboard will tay in space oneeday longer han ttey originally anticiiattd-the dddtional day will alloww he crew toounpack & he internationnllspace stttion -shuttle s ow ,33 expectedd t lann at keenedd &pspace enter n thursdayy.. july 21st &p
8:55 am
3 -online datinn isn't just for the youngsttrs-older people - are now the fastest-growing group looking for love oo the inttrnet-findings publishedd 3 in u-s-aatooay-one out of every six ppople on nternet -trred blieved to be thh pesult of more nterneetsavvy seniors-also... seniors having -&a tough timm meeting people in their age groop p,
8:56 am
,3 commig up on good 33 day bbattmore... 3looking to scoreea ddte with a & cclebrity?take some advice... froo aau-s arine.what he ddd... tooget actress mila 3
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
3 3 tuesday, july 12tt.

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